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Changing & Affecting Lives

Kingdom Impact Centre was established in the spring of 2013 under the leadership of our Senior Pastor Rev, Dr. Monica Lewars. Under the auspices of my loving, faithful and dedicated parents Rev. Dr. Roderick & Lady Elvelena Cameron. They have been elevated to their heavenly home, leaving a remnant from which Kingdom Impact Center was birthed. In a vision of 2019 God promised to give me a new name which was fulfilled in October of 2019 I saw the name and logo in a vision. We are a multi-ethnic, Pentecostal church with campus in North York with a vision of planting churches in each province. With a mission to change and affect lives, in a short period of time, Kingdom Impact has grown from a small congregation into a flourishing and thriving community.

Using a holistic approach to modern day living, Kingdom Impact is incorporating all aspects of living into one essential organization. Its ministry and services are dedicated to the promotion of spiritual well-being, physical well-being, as well as the economic empowerment of the individual. In short we are developing a people to achieve their full potential in life irrespective of socio-economic conditions or ethnic backgrounds.

Propelled by the Spirit of God Kingdom Impact has been graced to transcend all denominational as well as cultural boundaries, creating a fresh and innovative template for the 21st century, which has come to characterize this new and cutting edge form of Christianity in Canada.

I have a deep passion for developing and nurturing followers into leaders and a vision for planting life-giving churches. God has graced me with a big heart for this city as well as other cities, with a deep passion you will find me serving, my family, my church community, my community at large as well as the kingdom of God. I love to serve people.

Phone: (437) 242-9387
Email: thekingdomimpactcentre@gmail.com

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